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What is TRADE?

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We all know BITCOIN or any CRYPTO COIN price rise. When BITCOIN's price goes up, it is said to be BITCOIN's PUMP, and BITCOIN's price goes down when it is called BITCOIN's DUMP. Then it was seen that this PUMP / DUMP account with a specific price. Then you are wondering how much this fixed price is?
Hey, this specific price is the cost of Bitcoin when you do TRADE. And the value of PUMP and DUMP will be given to you. Now suppose you think BITCOIN will be PUMP so you have SELECT PUMP. If PUMP is done then the COIN you are trading with will be DOUBLE. They will cut off the DUMP. So the real story is understood?

So now come to mein context. Just as you can become a millionaire in a few hours by TRADE, you can become fakir and in a few hours. Anyway, do not show any fear. Many people are investing TRADE but why can not we? We must also. But those who want to TRADE INVEST will get CRYPTO CURRENCY with 5-7 months STADY. I have come to say about INVEST, how do TRADE other than INVEST. Yes, TRADE without INVEST. Some companies are new, they come with some free COINs. A new TELEGRAM BASED COMPANY (DONC COIN) will allow you to TRADE with a free COIN. If they do their ICO END they will no longer give SING UP BONUS COIN. Because then their exchange will come. Then USER will have to do COOIN BUY TRADE. But now they are giving the winning bonus 500 COIN. 2 days ago 1000 coins (I got), but now they will give 500 coins. After a few days, no other COIN SINGUP BONUS will give. Now a great opportunity. Start doing SINGUP and TRADE. Their weekly contest is over and I will explain everything step by step.

1ST: You have to have TELEGRAM in PHONE. If not, then download from the play store.

2nd : Then CLICK HERE to take it directly to Telegram and then a page will appear like the following.


4TH: Click on TRADE next to the COIN which is now traded in the COIN.

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5TH: Now real-time price at SCREENSHOT is the price of current Bitcoin.

And keep in the check box as long as you can get a double coin by pressing BITCOIN PRICE exactly. And you will not be able to touch the CROSS mark. And you can control TRADE with the following +/- (plus / minus).

If you get down a bit this BOX will get. It will give you how much COIN TRADE will do with it. I would advise you to TRADE 50 COIN.

7th: RESULT of trades can be seen in the next option.

8th: Going to the end of the final OPTION, copy the Referral link and start refferal. And there is no issue of increasing the reference to TELEGRAM. You can understand.

So do TRADE this way. And then the COIN EXCHANGE will say in another post how to pick up the PAYMENT.

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ADs by Techtunes ADs
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