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Voice control Light

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Name : Utorch UT30+ 36W Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light with Remote Controller AC 220V - White 30cm / Remote control
price :3.99$(out of 100$)
Utorch smart voice control LED ceiling light works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can control it with the remote controller, your voice or via Smart Life App and Wi-Fi, does not require a hub or the purchase of any additional hardware. You can adjust the brightness with stepless dimming or 3 color (white, warm white, yellow) dimming, create different atmosphere for bedrooms, classrooms, dining rooms, hotels, etc. This is a smart LED ceiling light for a modern lifestyle. The simple and thinner design leaves you with more spaces. Get this ceiling light and enjoy the beautiful home / office with soft lighting.
Please note that in the case of the same illumination, the lower the power, the more energy-saving

ADs by Techtunes ADs

Main Features:
● App control,  turn on / off the light or adjust the brightness / color temperature with your smartphone anywhere at any time
● Intelligent voice control,  control the light anywhere in the house, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
● Stepless / 3 color dimming,  adjust the light to different brightness levels or white / warm white / yellow color, create different atmosphere for office, home or other places
● Simple design, minimalist round design for all types of furniture and themes of the room
● PVC lampshade to diffuse the light evenly for soft lighting

● Comes with easy to use remote controller, supports brightness / color temperature adjustment and 30s delayed turn-off
● Thinner appearance, make the interior space more elegant and spacious
● Sealed design, insect-proof and dust-proof
● Energy-saving and environmental protection
● Eye-protection, no flashes or glare
● Easy to install

Remote controller power suppl: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
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ADs by Techtunes ADs
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