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Hack Password-Protected Microsoft Office Any Files Using Kali OS

1st: Install Office2_John

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To get started hacking, we'll need to download the tool  GitHub since office2john is not included in the standard version of John the Ripper (which should already be installed in your Kali system). This can easily be accomplished with wget.

install wget
Resolving (
Connecting to (||:443. connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response. 200 OK
Length: 131690 (129K) 
Saving to: ‘’ 100% 128.60K  -.-KB/s in 0.09s

2019-02-05 14:34:46 (1.45 MB/s) - ‘’ saved [131690/131690]

2st: Make Sure Everything's in Same Directory

In order to run office2_john with Python, we will need to change into the same directory that it was installed into. For most of you, this will be Home by default (just press enter cd), but feel free to create a separate directory.

Next, we need an appropriate file to test this on. I am using a simple text file named "dummy.docx" that I created & password-protected with Word 2007. Download it to follow along. The password is "password123" as you'll find out. You can also download documents made with Word 2010 & Word 2016 (that shows up as 2013) to use for more examples. Passwords for those are also "password123."

3: Extract the Hash with Office2_john

The first thing we need to do is extract the # of our password-protected Office file. Run the following command and pipe the output into "hash.txt" for later use.

python dummy.docx > hash.txt

verify that the hash was extracted successfully, use the cat command. We can see that the hash I saved corresponds to Microsoft Office 2007. Neat.

cat hash.txt

4: Crack the Hash You Just Saved

Like already mentioned, we'll be showing you two ways to crack the hash you just saved from the password-protected Microsoft Office file. Both methods work great, so it's really up to preference.

how to crack the hashtag password

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