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Find Wifi Password on Android without Rooting

Easy Steps to View Wifi Password on Android without Rooting the Device Using ADB Drivers

this method, you can easily find your Wi-Fi password on your Android device. The key thing is to find a way through which we can fetch the password file from the phone without using a root access protocol in the Android. For this, you need little programming insight using Windows Command prompt.

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1. Access the Developer authority

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To access the files that Android users to run passwords, you must become a developer.
Go to the settings on your Android device. Scroll down & find (About phone).
Tap on it and scroll down again to find Build number.
Tap on this “build number” 5 to 6 times until a message pops up saying, “You are now a developer”.

2. Enable the USB debugging

Go back to Settings. Scroll down for developer options.
Turn on the button for “Android/USB debugging”.

3. Install your ADB drivers

Download & install ADB drivers on your Windows Desktop.
You need to download and install platform tools (minimal ADB & fast boot) from Android Forum for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Watches & Android App Development
Now open the folder where you’ve installed the above tools. By default, it is in the Local discC\windows\system32\platform_tools Right-click inside the folder to click on “Open Command Window here.”

4. Test the ADB

To do this, connect your phone to the PC.
In the command prompt, type ADB services & then press enter.
If it’s working properly, you should see a device on this list.

5. Find Android Wi-Fi password

ADs by Techtunes ADs

Now, type: ADB pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf c:/wpa_supplicant.conf. This will fetch the file from your phone to the local disc C drive of the PC.

6. Open the file with a notepad and there you go.

That is it! Now you can find the presently connected Wi-Fi password on your Android without rooting.

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