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ADs by Techtunes ADs

Cybersecurity – the key chellenge in the world

Cybersecurity is a hot topic around the world. Comparing to giant businesses, small businesses are vulnerable too for cybersecurity attacks. Nearly 70% of the small businesses experienced cyber attack in the last year which is 2019. The global market size of cybersecurity is expected to be 6 trillion by 2021.

ADs by Techtunes ADs

All the assets are connecting with the cloud. So cloud security is also a key factor for cybersecurity. Some organizations are using cloud security monitoring tools to safeguard their business.

Organizations are using vulnerability scanning tools and cybersecurity risk assessment tools, endpoint security auditing, IT security policy enforcement and so on to secure their business.

Helical is a comprehensive cybersecurity management solution with lots of essential features for cybersecurity.

If you are a beginner in the cybersecurity industry. The article on the cybersecurity program will be a great starting point for you.  You can also learn about cloud security tools as the cloud is the most vulnerable point for cybersecurity attacks.

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ADs by Techtunes ADs
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