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Md.Zillur Rahman, born in 1991, is one of the first children of two children in a small family consists of five members. Born in a poor family, I face a very miserable condition from outset of my bringing up until maturity. Being a very depraved child in the poor family even in the society, I can not move forward freely in spite of my long desires to be educated or taught and even other things centered round about me. My father’s name being Md. Moklesur Rahman is not happy at all. He is to earn much money to lead his family day and night. Because of being a healthy man, he wants to fulfill his family member’s crying needs as hook or by crook. He is supposed to be a very anger man because he is the only earner in his family. He does not tolerate other’s ill words. In a word, he is a man of great respect that he desires. On the other hand, my mother, Josna Bibi, is one of the simplest women in the world. She is considered as a happy woman in the world because everybody likes her. Simplicity is her only instrument to pave

From Bangladesh, রাজশাহী, নওগাঁ

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