Made for Kids Law Explained – COPPA in YouTube

There is a new law on YouTube that many are a little worried about. If you enter Creator Studio on YouTube you will see two options being asked to select one.

  • Yes, it's Made For Kids.
  • No, it's not Made For Kids.

At the outset, let me say this is a law passed by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in the United States, which is called COPPA, whose full name is The Child's Online Privacy Protect Act. So under this law, YouTube wants to know if your video is intended for kids, or not intended for kids. Still, I will discuss in detail the many more questions that remain. Now what should be selected from these two options, what happens if you select one.

There is much confusion about these issues depending on which option content you have on your channel. And there is also a little fear because it has some conscience that you can select the option and it cannot be ignored. If you select bull payment, you have a penalty that means there is a penalty. So today I will try to explain this in a very nice way.

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As many of you may know, a few days ago, a $ 170 million fine was paid to YouTube because of a boyfriend biopsy. And since then YouTube has been working on Implementation, a law that virtually COPPA. Now the law, as I was saying a while ago from the Federal Trade Commission in the United States, has been made to protect children's privacy, to protect children's privacy. So YouTube is now asking us whether the videos we are making are targeted primarily at kids, or targeting adults.

By American definition, kids or kids means those under the age of 13 are called kids. Child or we can say baby in Bengal. If you have created videos for people above the age of 6, you will select No, it is not Not Made For Kids. And if your videos are made for people under the age of 13, select Yes, It's Made For Kids.

Now if you are not Made For Kids from these two options. If you select no problem then Azizul will continue the way it is. But if you select Made For Kids then there are some restrictions. The ones we are discussing shortly.
Yet the main place of confession that comes to Maine is whether your content is Made For Kids or Not Made For Kids. But let's try to explain by example. Like my channel, my channel is the Tech Best Channel.

I make Tech Edith. So the videos that are about technology are mainly seen by older people. Adults must be above 5 years. If I go to the Audience tab wherever my channel goes, then I can see that most of my primary audience means Audience is 17 or 18 to 24 years old. And from the age of 13 to 17, I have only 9% of my audience. From 13 to 17 years 9% means that if you go down it will come down to 2% or 3%.

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So my content is definitely not Made For Kids All Videos Not Made For Kids on my channel. If I ever make a video that targets under Mainly kids under 13 years. Then in that video, I will select specially made for Kids. There are many, such as creating funny content, uploading roast videos or short films, Islamic videos, and then catching someone who has these videos but these are not for the children. These are not Made For Kids.

Apart from this, there are many other contents that may be missed, which you must understand as Not Made For Kids. Gaming Channel: There is some gaming for kids and some gaming for adults. So you need to understand who is watching your gaming videos. You will select the option by defining what type of games the kids see and the older ones.

Which ones for kids now? For example, if you give a Tory video to a kid who picks up a toy, then the kids are by default a target. Many people can say that not only children's parents are targeted by Butt's content is Made For Kids. Because of the videos, you see on a child's father watching a child or you may have learned the rhythm of a child, learned a country song, learned dancing, is reviewing a book for children or a child, or makes a video about a cartoon character that kids love. That means if you are attracted to young children, you should select the Made For Kids option in that video.

Now these Made For Kids and Not Made For Kids can be selected from two places. One is at the channel level, one is at the video level. If you select the channel level, your entire channel will be called Made For Kids or Not Made For Kids. I have selected Not Made For Kids on my channel. And on every video, you can indigestion.

If you go to the channel level, where you go to the new critter studios of the channel then go to the setting and then go to the Adbunch option, you can see there is an option, Made For Kids and Not Made For Kids. So if you are not Not Made. For Kids Selects the option behind every video you have made, and if you give Made For Kids all of your videos will have Made For Kids op. Here you can select.

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Now if you think no video is for kids, no video for kids. Then you worry about who will upload the videos to Future. If you have a random content like this one on your channel, one for the big, one for the younger, then select any of the options. Each time you upload a video, you will select the option based on that video. And if your channel is defined like my tech channel I would never make it for kids. And maybe it could be a video of thousands.

The probability of this is very low. So I have selected Not Made For Kids on my channel. Each time you upload a new video you will be asked to select the option. Butt If you define the channel level as Made For Kids, then whenever you upload a video, the Made For Kids option is automatically selected. If you select Not Made For Kids then the Not Made For Kids option is selected automatically.

Now talking about what is not Made For Kids, if you select, then there is no problem as a whole. But if you select Made For Kids then the options you will not get are: First of all your channel ad will be reduced. Personalized ads that are customized to your video YouTube will not show your videos as they were previously.

And it is estimated that the ad will drop from 80 to 90 percent. This will reduce your income by 80 to 90 percent. This is very good news for kids who make videos. Also, comments from your video will be automatically debugged. You cannot add a Skin to your videos. Can't add a card to video. And there will be no playlist options for the channel.

Now the law is in the US but those outside the US, such as people in Bangladesh or other countries, should they obey the law? If not, what is Confidence?

This law must be obeyed because YouTube is America's best company. And since the law was passed in America, YouTube must obey. And if you have to adhere to YouTube, then everyone who uses the flower community youtube on YouTube has to agree. If you do not, you will be fined. Now, in fine American law, there is a fine of $ 14, 000 per video. But for those outside the US, the FTC may not apply the fine, but YouTube has content control on your channel.

And if you select the color options that mean your videos are off If the target is created but not made for Kids, then the channel will be closed to your channel if there is a possibility that the channel will be closed. Carefully select the right option. If there is a confusion, take the Experian's Opinion. And if you are a little more serious then you may not be able to get to a lair that will fix you. I don't think anyone needs to recommend YouTube if you need it.

Now talking about why this COPPA law was made. It has been mined to protect children. Because when kids watch videos online, there are different types of ad shows. Alluring ads and their personalities are shameful. So what a kid is liking or not liking or searching is the data that YouTube collects. And a lot of the data shows are done in front of them. This is a privacy violation of children.

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Now YouTube can't do that anymore, and the rule is that kids under the age of 13 don't understand a lot. They are very easy to get information from them and if cybercriminals get these data, they can harm kids in many ways. Collecting children's information is prohibited below. And that was the tax on YouTube for so long that the penalty was fine on YouTube. Now it's coming down to us.

It is our responsibility that we select these options to keep the children safe. So IGNORE cannot do that. And select the right option. And if you don't select YouTube will try to defend itself with the artificial intelligence machine they have running, whether your videos are for kids or not for kids. But that would be awful because we have seen some of the dirty work done on YouTube a while back. You shouldn't trust them, but you must do it yourself.

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